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Thread: Players needed

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    Players needed

    We will playing on Tuesday nights GMT-4. We generally open the server around 9:30pm and play until 12 to 12:30am. Currently two DM's will be alternating a Ptolus campaign with Expedition to Ravenloft. We will be alternating weeks for the campaigns and could use some players for each. We are looking for about 3 to 4 additional players. Players are welcome to play in both campaigns or pick the one they would like to play in. Thus you can play weekly or every other week.

    you can pm me here if interested. The Ptolus campaign is ongoing and the Ravenloft campaign will begin in about 2 to 3 weeks.


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    hey there,

    i have yet to buy the software (still debating at this point), but was wondering if this was 3.5. I figured so but just wanted to make sure cuz there are some old schoolers as well

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    Hi there
    Can i join the game?? i have no problem in playing both campaigns
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    I'll join, the time slot is perfect because it would be right after work for me if i got stuck on the 4-10 shift. I'll deffently play in both campaigns.

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