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    ! next to a spell

    Next to spells there are indicators of what actions the spell required and if it is heighted.

    Next to some spells there is a "!" (exclamation mark also called a bang). For example - the spell Stabilize my druid sees a bang but my oracle does not.

    Why is it there? Is there something wrong with the spell?
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    That symbol is for when a spell is listed in a slot lower than it's level. Since they are cantrips listed in a cantrip section, then it's likely the player edited it. If you click the red icon on the druid's sheet, and unlock it, see if they changed it from level 0 to something else. AFAIK it will not effect anything to leave it, it's just a warning that you may have dropped a spell in the wrong place so you aren't prepping a level 2 spell using level 1 slots for example..

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    Oh cool! thanks for the info. Do you know where is this listed in the release notes or anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phaye View Post
    Do you know where is this listed in the release notes or anything?
    The usual place - in the City Hall release updates: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post642364
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