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    Attack causing effect

    I've been making multiple attempts after searching the forum and reading the FAQ, but is there any way to have an attack place a condition on a target? I am trying to have a melee attack cause a stunned condition. I can get the target to have the condition by placing [@#Stunned] directly into the effects on the NPC in the Combat Tracker, but how do I get the attack to do that automatically. I've tried [>@#Stunned] in the notes for the attack and that does place it into the combat tracker for the attacking NPC, but a successful attack does not pass the condition onto the target. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.


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    You're missing nothing, literally. That functionality isn't built in. You'd need an extension to do that. It would be nice to have that because we could use it with powers. You have to apply it in CT like you're already doing.


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