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    Exploding dice for damage and healing

    So, I need an extension for the 5e ruleset that makes all damage and healing rolls exploding. My players aren't quite adept enough to type it out every time or use it from the hotkey bar. I would do this myself, but I have absolutely no knowledge of scripting for Fantasy Grounds and the extensions I've found that are similar don't seem to offer the information I would need to override normal damage rolls to exploding rolls. I'm also open to detailed information on creating an extension that could handle this so I can do it myself. I can't even find the function for exploding in any of the rulesets for the slash commands to see how its scripted.
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    I've moved this thread to the Workshop forum - which is for asking questions regarding coding. The Extensions forum is part of the create and share section of the FG forums and is primarily used for sharing created extensions.

    Which ruleset are you using? Each FG ruleset can have quite different code, so it's really important to mention which ruleset you're using when posting technical questions/requests such as this.
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    Thank you. I'm using the 5e ruleset. Ironically, the workshop is where I first looked when trying to see if one was already made or being made, lol. I thought I actually mentioned that it was 5e, but I guess I left it out, sorry about that.

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