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    Bloodied & Bruised - New Traits for Monsters [DMsGuild]

    Bloodied & Bruised is a series providing new combat actions for the creatures in the 5e roster.
    When pushed to their limits in combat, these monsters, critters, fiends, and foes gain new abilities that aid them in battle, or perhaps spell their doom depending on the circumstances. Bloodied & Bruised takes inspiration from the "bloodied" condition from 4e, making entirely new combat actions that can completely change the nature of a fight.

    Bloodied & Bruised - Monster Manual is the first volume in the Bloodied & Bruised series and can be found on the Dungeon Masters Guild now!

    Bloodied & Bruised - Volo's Guide to Monsters is the second volume in the Bloodied & Bruised series and can be found on the Dungeon Masters Guild now!

    About this Series...
    While this module has been created to work as a stand alone product, it has full functionality from the Grim Press Equipped Effects Extension (created by SilentRuin, available on the FG Forge: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/158/view ), allowing these bloodied traits to appear on the monster in the combat tracker automatically!

    Another way to utilize this module is similar to Grim Press 5E Automatic Effects series located on the Dungeon Masters Guild https://www.dmsguild.com/product/352..._0_0_0_45545_0

    In order to be able to fully benefit from the Bloodied and Bruised module and utilize the custom effects and features you will need to copy and paste these new traits from Bloodied & Bruised into the NPC traits field described below.

    Copying and Editing NPCs

    NPC entries from the WotC source materials are locked and cannot be edited.
    To add any new traits from this module (npc templates), a copy of the NPC entry must be made.
    The copy can then be edited with the new traits and abilities.
    • To make a copy of an NPC entry, open the NPC window, left click on the shield icon next to the NPC to be copied, drag it somewhere off the entry you are looking at (for example: the NPC block), and bring it back and drop it back onto the NPC window. This creates a copy of the NPC entry and will usually add "(copy)" after the NPC name in the list.
      Copying and Editing NPCs1.jpg
    • You can then move this NPC entry to a different dropdown menu if you choose to. The initial location will be the same module that you made the copy in, and I recommend moving it to another list that you create (either a module name or a sample name, like "Test NPCs".
      Copying and Editing NPCs2.jpg
    • This copy can be unlocked and edited now, allowing you to copy (or type) any new traits.

    Every section of the NPC block may be edited or add a feature to an NPC block, find the section (traits) and use the green + (add item) button to add a blank entry.
    Copy the name of the trait from the NPC template provided from Bloodied & Bruised into the name field, then copy (or type) the text from the description into the text field of the NPC creature from Monster Manual.
    Copying and Editing NPCs3.jpg

    Remember to remove the 'copy' from the name of the copied NPC. The copied NPC name must match the name of the NPC template or the custom effects will not function properly.
    Copying and Editing NPCs4.jpg

    How to Use the Module With Equipped Effects

    The copied and pasted traits will automatically show in the Combat Tracker ready to use.
    Most of which are explained in its Fantasy Grounds forum post posted above.

    Permanent traits are created as custom effects, which autoload when adding the NPC to the combat tracker.

    This could be a custom effect that automatically applies to the NPC when it becomes Bloodied or it can be a (note) with a brief description for when and how that trait works.
    For example, [(note) 'text']: Several traits will only have a note. Although they are automatically created as an effect between brackets [...], they are not intended to be used as such. They are simple notes.

    • First: check if the option "Translate NPC Power" in the sub category "Equipped Effects (GM)" is toggled ON;
    • Copying and Editing NPCs (as described above)
    • Add the NPC from the related core rulebook module to the combat tracker.
    • Done!

    All NPC features that needed updates will have their unique new effects add next to the feature name!

    Equipped effect simply matches the feature name with the spell power name. When it finds a match, the effects defined for that spell power will be translated to the combat tracker effects language.

    How to Use the Module Without Equipped Effects

    • Go to Library > Modules and load the Bloodied & Bruised module
    • Load the Core Rulebook related to the module
    • Click the Spells sidebar button
    • Select the following group: (Core Rulebook related to the module)
    • Search for the creature's name in the spell list
    • Open the creature's spell power by clicking on it's link
    • Drag the chat box balloon (example below) to the line in the combat tracker you want to update. It should easily add the effect to the existing text in the combat tracker.
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