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    Where is 'Focus Crit' and 'Focus 1,1D' coming from on damage rolls?

    I'm trying to set up some new characters for a game and all of the damage rolls have the text

    [FOCUS 1,1D] [FOCUS CRIT ]
    after every damage roll. Anyone know where this text is coming from and how I can get rid of it?

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    Some questions:
    * Are you running any extensions?
    * How did you create the rolls?
    * Do you have any unpacked rulesets in your FG data folder under rulesets subfolder?

    That text is passed as part of the damage roll information for 4E; but the code is set up to strip that information automatically when the roll completes before it is displayed in chat. (line 504 of ActionDamage script)


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    * I was running a theme, but I've removed it and the text is still there
    * I've tried using a damage action on a power as well as from weapon entry on the Combat tab. Text is there in both cases. The power and the item were added via drag/drop from a module.
    * No unpacked rulesets that would interact with 4e; just some that I'm working on. Not 4e or CoreRPG

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    I'm looking at the code, and I think the issue is because the Comm.deliverMessage accepts rMessage as its arg, the text for which is un-edited. The string.gsub should be on rMessage.text, not rRoll.sDesc

    EDIT: Replacing line 504 with this seems to work.

    rMessage.text = string.gsub(rMessage.text, " %[FOCUS ([^]]+)%]", "");
    Last edited by Saagael; February 1st, 2022 at 03:28.

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    Good catch. That would do it. I'll include with the next 4E update.


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