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    spell list idea

    new to rmc. i have a rune paper to be found by party. on it i want a heal spell. now i know spell law uses all those bone law, blood law, etc.

    what i am looking for is just some thing to restore some concussion hits.

    since we use spell lists and not individual spells, how much room does a spell list take? suppose the heal spell i want is level 3? so the rune paper would have to contain 1 - 3. should i make this a couple of pages, or a book? weight is the issue.


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    Hi, when creating runepapers they are created to a „capacity“ , the max level of spell they can contain. Each sheet of runepaper can hold one spell up to it‘s level. When the runes are read the paper will stay a runepaper (x) and can be „reloaded“.
    So, if you want to provide the party with a 3rd level spell just drop a runepaper (3 or 3+ even) with the spell on it and they could even try to find someone to up it or use a different spell with it later on.
    Find an alchemist with *organic skills* and the required type of embedding.
    And finally, *Concussion Mastery* in the lay healers base lists might be worth looking into, if you are looking for non-wound-specific healing.

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