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    Looking to start a campaign module

    So I am currently looking to start a campaign using one of the printed modules .(I.e. curse of strahd , tyranny of dragons ect.)
    I want opinions for people who are looking to play. What adventure would you like to try? I want to start a game for friday nights around 8pm EST. New players are very welcome and the game will start in the next week or so depending on campaign chosen. So please message me with interest and what module you would like to play. Most voted module gets drawn up. Look forward to hearing from you all

    EDIT: we have 4 players interested with room for 1 more. The goal is to host the session 0 this friday
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    I'd be willing to join if you have the space for me. As far as what module I'd go for anything but Tomb of Annihilation and Out of the abyss as I'm currently playing in both atm

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    Ok awesome. Im currently leabing tword the tyranny of dragons one with the 2 separate campaigns. But as soon as I have a full table i will let you know. Ty

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    I would join if there isn't any homebrewing of the rules. I'm very open to the modules but if I have to vote I would go with Icewind Dale.

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    Well I cant say I have a ton of homebrewed rules or anything. More just like a couple house rules i run. (Potions are bonus action, max HP gained on level up, ect.) And you are number 3 interested so as long as we get one more we can start planning a session 0 for everyone

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    I would be interested. do you have an ultimate subscription? right now I only have the demo, but, if need be, I can get standard. Also, I am up for whatever module the group wants to go with.

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    I do have the ultimate subscription so the demo shouldnt be a problem. We should have enough for a full group. I will be sending out messages to try and start session 0 this friday

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