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    Savage Worlds Ruleset & LITE FG License

    To all who bought the Savage Worlds Ruleset:

    We've found an issue with trying to roll up characters offline using the Savage Worlds Ruleset and the LITE FG license. Trying to do this cause a base.xml loading error. This does not appear to effect the FULL version of the software, nor does it cause any issue when connecting to a session for play.

    At the moment we're looking into the problem. My developers are telling me this might be the result of a recent patch, since apparently this worked fine at one point in time.

    In fact, this issue seems to be happening with all of our custom rulesets and the LITE version. I would be interested to hear if anyone else in the community is having this issue.

    We will let all customers know what our status is on this issue ASAP. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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    Just to confirm - that this ONLY affects those who purchased the Savage Worlds ruleset for use in an offline manner (ie: in order to create characters when not connected to a GM) in the LITE version of Fantasy Grounds II. When connected to a GM client there is no issue.

    The issue is not with the Savage Worlds ruleset itself - but is with FGII, as it affects all custom created rulesets.

    Hope that helps clear things up some!
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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    I had that issue. No problem with full version, but lite version won't let me create character off-line.
    "Winter is coming..."

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    Update on this Issue

    Official Update

    We've been able to get to the root of this issue, and the bottom line is that at this time the Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds is basically a FULL FG license product only at this time. Because the ruleset is not in the FG Updater and compiled into a ".pak" file, LITE license users cannot access character generation offline; they have to be connected to a full session to do this.LITE license players can still enjoy playing our rulesets, but will have to download the information from the host machine at this time.

    We have spoken with SmiteWorks on this issue, and while it is possible to get this functionality in the future, we are not ready for it at this time. If/When we are able to resolve this issue the FG/SW community will be informed, and the product description updated. In the meantime, we think it best to state the ruleset's full capabilities can only be accessed with a FULL license.

    Digital Adventures apologizes for this inconvenience, and will offer refunds to any LITE license holder that purchased the product. Please contact me directly at [email protected] with your PayPal information. All product descriptions for this ruleset will be updated shortly to reflect this change in the product's capabilities.

    If anyone has questions regarding this issue please let us know.


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    Does this issue explain why my players can only view the "sw quick reference book" in their library? I have been trying to force load the "sw player rules" for my players and I cannot figure out a way to let them see it. There is information, such as equipment, that is not available in the "sw quick reference" so this is creating a problem at my table...

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    No this isn't - at least not entirely. The way things were programmed is that the Players book is a "client" module - meaning it has to reside on the client machine in order to be accessible (and even then, only when connected to the host machine).

    The quick reference module is a "common" module - meaning it resides on the host machine, but the host has the option of sharing it via the module interface with their players.

    We'll look into this some more mate - and if we can come up with a solution (fx: updating the Quick Reference module with Equipment lists), we'll let ya'll know!
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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