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    Problem with effects that do not work

    I am trying to do some effect for the party that I am mastering. White point effect shot with the attention "aura effect":

    AURA: 30 foe; PBiru
    IFT: CUSTOM (PBiru); ATK: 1 ranged; DMG: 1 ranged;

    ATK works
    DMG does not work

    And the effects that affect the AC don't work either.

    Is this a problem due to an incompatibility of extension or other?

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    There is no built-in AURA effect for Pathfinder; so that would be driven off the extension providing that support.


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    I tested without extension and other. however the DMG and AC effects, still does not work

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    You effect code works fine for me with ATK and DMG effects being triggered for a ranged weapon:

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    Welcome Yokoshadow

    Just in case you are not aware. Effects dont change the values on the character sheet but are inserted into the roll at the time that all the conditions match. If you check the chat output is it showing your modifiers?

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    thank you for your answer.
    I looked again, and I made a typo on the type of AC ... my fault
    For DMG I also retest and it works ... mystery
    However, I can't find a way to halve the damage ... I'm going to look again
    Thant you again.

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