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    CoC 7e NPC Generator

    Hi all,

    I was going through and cleaning up an old campaign and decided to extract my NPC generator as a utility to share.

    To use it, go into Story Templates and open the Male or Female NPC and click the button at the bottom. It will generate you a Story entry, just follow the steps in the newly generated record.

    I hope you find it useful, anyone else got some goodies kicking about?

    Forge Link:

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    Very nice! thanks.

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    You might want to pop it into the Forge for future access.

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    Thank you but I think it’s a bit basic to go in there. The campaign it was from had Russian and Chinese character name tables too but those tables weren’t as big. If I get time, I might do a bigger version as I’ll be running HoTOE next year. Lots of passengers equals lots of NPCs.

    I use these not just in game but for inspiration when writing a scenario. All the main skills are in there so if a PC dies, the player can take over an NPC and run it. I’ve had more than one occasion over the years when a randomly needed NPC has ended up being a bigger part in a campaign.

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    I definitely think you might benefit from putting it the Forge.
    You an put it in as a Free or Paid item.
    The big advantage with putting it in the Forge is when you update it, everyone who has subscribed to it on the Forge will get the update too.

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    Add this little mod to Forge and updated the first post to link to it.

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    That's fantastic! Thank you!

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    Thank you, I’m open to any ideas people have for additional tables they’d like to see included or other generic persona Encounter types. I’ve used this tool for at least 2 years now and found this to be sufficient for most ad-hoc scenarios.

    The only other things some of my other variants had were a disposition and occupation table. If people think that would be useful I could add those too.

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    I'm working on a variation of this table, and made a list of 200 Spanish names for my campaign, but have no idea what I'm doing to get it to work.
    I've modified your story template.
    I have a table called NPC Names (Spanish)

    On the story template, I changed [NPC Names|2] [NPC Names|3] to [NPC Names (Spanish)|1] [NPC Names (Spanish)|3] and that has given me the correct Spanish names from my table.

    However, I'm confused on the story template where it says #NPC Names|1# #NPC Names|2#. If I leave it the same, I get "NO DATA IN COLUMN 1 NO DATA IN COLUMN 2", but if I change it to #NPC Names (Spanish)|1# #NPC Names (Spanish)|2#, I simply get #NPC Names (Spanish)|1# #NPC Names (Spanish)|2# with no substitution.

    I'm guessing this is a variable somewhere ...

    I suppose I could just stick to a simple table, but I really like your mod, and it would be cool to use with Spanish names.

    LOL, the easy answer was to rename my table.

    BTW: if you'd like, I'd be HAPPY to send you my list of Spanish names in case you want to make a variant mod in the future.
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