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    Keepers guide page 416 vehicle stats

    Hi all,

    I know there's already vehicle mods on here but I decided to create a little mod that has the vehicles listed on page 416 of the 7E Keepers Guide. As noted on that page, the vehicles are declared with modern stats and advises 20% MOV reduction for 1920s. So I've created two primary categories, one for Modern and another for 1920. There are additonal subcategories for Car, Trucks etc.

    I've not bothered to include costs and specific models as this is purely about take that generic info and having it as drag and drop items for peoples character sheets. There's nothing to stop you adding a separate inventory item with a detailed name and cost.

    Forge Link

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    Add this mod to Forge, hope people find it useful.

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    Very nice! Thank you!

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    Thank you similarly!

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