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    Cannot disable or hide a particular forge item

    I cannot disable or hide:

    27122 Savage Stream Map Module SmiteWorks 2021-09-17 18:47:15

    Any particular reason?


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    I don't see why it isn't working for you, as I can disable it on my account, but I am not at my work computer right now, so I'll take a closer look when I can.

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    Yeah it was weird. I was disabling a bunch in a row to get my modules in shape for the new ruleset release. If it eventually lets me I'll let you know.


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    Hey jharp, would you mind double checking if the client is actually downloading the item in question?

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    It doesn't appear in either my live vault or my test vault. I am currently in the Test channel. Let me know if I must go live to test in the way you want. However, if I did want it downloaded I don't know how I would "enable" it.

    So my current state is that forge Web site says its enabled, it doesn't seem to download, and I cannot disable or disable/hide it.

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    Okay, I think I found the issue, I fixed your instance and hid the item for you. Let me know if you notice any other items that can't be disabled or don't show up on the client.

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    Works now. Thx. Tested that I could enable and then disable it.

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