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    Ungrouping combatants?

    Hi All,

    Stupid question, still finding my way around SWADE on FG.

    I know how to group combatants in the tracker "the new way" by dragging and dropping the link (not the token) to the combat card of the main person. How do you ungroup them again?

    And is there a way to change who the "top" character of the group is?

    Cheers, Hywel

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    Thanks! I knew I'd seen something about it in one of your videos but didn't know which version it pertained to so couldn't go back and watch it as I didn't know which video it was

    In case anyone else comes looking for the information on the forum:

    - Grouping characters on the tracker: drag the character link (NOT the token) to the action card of another actor. They will join that actor's group.

    To ungroup:
    - You need to put the combat tracker into "edit" mode using the red "-" button, same as all the other windows you can do that for.
    - Then an ungroup button appears for each combatant. Click to remove from the group.
    - You can dissolve the group entirely by using the ungroup button which appears under the action card for the group.
    - To reorder them, ungroup everything and re-build the group based on the new leader character.

    If you're coming in from a different system (eg 5E) you may not be used to there being an "edit list" button for the combat tracker - I didn't even notice it was there!

    Suggestion: add "ungroup combatant" as a right-click menu option when clicking on an entry in the combat tracker, and re-instate drag-and-drop to drag combatants out of a group.

    Cheers, Hywel

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    Quote Originally Posted by HywelPhillips View Post
    - Then an ungroup button appears for each combatant. Click to remove from the group.
    Damn it...
    And here I was trying to drag&drop the character to some free space on the combat tracker which was filled to the brim, leading to some wild scrolling up and down... m(

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    Yeh, that’s what I kept trying to do, too. I really think that should be reimplemented, it’s highly non-intuitive UI to drag and drop to make a group but not to split it.

    Cheers, Hywel

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