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    Creating a Jigsaw puzzle for players to build

    Without mods, this can be done in FG but the system obviously isn't intuitive since it wasn't designed for creating puzzles hehe.


    1) Import an image that will be the "table" on which the jigsaw puzzle will be put together. I just had a old piece of parchment that I cut the edges off to make a flat paper pattern. Worked well.
    2) Set the grid size to the size you want puzzle pieces to be on the page. ideally leaving enough room for players to move the pieces around.
    3) Add all the puzzle piece pictures as individual PNG files in Assets and refresh.
    4) Drag each puzzle piece asset to the table image. As you do so, use shift+arrow keys to randomly rotate them.
    5) Once you drag each puzzle piece, reset the grid to be comparatively very small. This will give players fine control over the assets when lining them up.

    I recommend doing just straight lines and curves in your puzzles, let the picture itself be the guide as to where pieces go. Normal jigsaw shapes are probably too much hassle to get lined up perfectly to create the final image.
    Also, in the examples you can see how the space between puzzle pieces is exaggerated, so when creating the first puzzle image next time I'll probably make sure there's no gaps.
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