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    Ambient Light Mask

    Hello. I noticed a bug in the ambient light mask.

    I was playing last night and had some problems with the masked ambient light. Actually, my players had.
    They were seeing it:


    This is what they were supposed to see:

    This happened only in the player side. I, as DM, was seeing the mask correctly.
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    From the pictures, it's really unclear what you have going on in that map; and what you are trying to accomplish. At least one of the layers in the last picture is set to GM only; but not sure if that's relevant to your issue. Make sure that any layers are set to Show All or Off, and try again.


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    They are in the bottom building of the following battle map:

    Actually, I put an ambient light mask over that building.

    I think it should keep the building dark, except when there is a light, right? That was what I was seeing as DM. Here, I was selecting the pointed token:

    That is it. The DM vision is what was supposed to happen for everyone. However, the players were seeing thru the mask. They were seeing the entire building as if it was no mask at all, as I shown in the pictures from the 1st post.
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    I can’t really tell what is going on either. As Moon Wizard points out some of your layers are hidden and you seem to have several layers of ambient light mask. I think that should all be on one layer. It is possible that with a combination of hidden layers and the mask being on different ones that what you are seeing and what the players are seeing are two different things. Thus what you think is the case, isn’t.
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    I logged as player and was able to see the mask correctly with the very same configuration I used yesterday when we finished the session.


    I can't test with everyone now to verify if it was some sort of bug that was solved when I restarted FG or if they will see thru the mask again. Unfortunately, I didn't print the console. Next week they'll continue in the same map, so I test it again.
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