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    Outdoor Mask: blur instead of shadow?

    I find the LoS mask around objects ruins the mood of outdoor maps... with the exception of early dawn or late dusk. The blocked off areas look like long shadows. I was wondering if a blur mask could be used instead? That way, outdoor maps would retain their outdoor feel, yet still indicate areas that your character can't currently, directly see.

    Does anyone else get this vibe from long, black shadows on outdoor maps?

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    You can control the length and direction of the shadows in the ambient lighting via the image data panel after unlocking the map.


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    I assume you are referring to the areas that are blocked off by Line of Sight. So if you have a house with wall occluders in the middle of a field then the black areas relative to where the PC is would be the areas they can't see. It kinda has to be black - anything else and the players would see through it. That is if I'm understanding what you mean by a blur mask. If you are referring to just the shadows then as Moon says you can adust the length of those.
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    This is what I do for outside areas.

    - Put the tokens on the map. Don't share the map.
    - Have Line-of Sight enabled.
    - Go to the layer(s) with walls and click on the wall icon (bricks) off and then on again.
    - Share the map.

    This will allow all tokens to see the whole map (when the walls are turned off) and then block their vision for what they can't currently see (when it's turned back on). It's not completely blurred, but for outdoor places like a forest, I think it works well as there are no real surprises.

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