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    What are some ways you flavor your armor/weapons?

    I feel like there are always posts on flavoring spells to make them feel more unique to the caster, but with the sheer abundance of historical armor/weapons not represented in 5e, Im surprised not many people talk about it. What are some ways youve flavored your armor or weapons to make them feel more unique for your character?

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    For one campaign I made each of my players a special weapon that would grow with them. Brief descriptions:

    Phoenix Down Arrows: these do additional fire damage and have a burst effect with critical hits. These arrows appear as charred and useless until fired, then they awaken. These arrows begin to smoke when fired, and burn brightly as they hit their target. All the while burning the target, from the inside out.

    Salamander Teeth daggers: this pair of daggers grants a bonus to not only attack but defense, as the wielder slithers away from attacks. These ebony handled daggers have dark blades that tapper to vicious red edges, as they almost appear to glow from within.

    Efreeti Kiss rapier: this fine thin blade not only does more damage than it should, it does so from farther away. Perhaps the strangest aspect, is watching the blade wrap around it's target to restrain them. This silvery white blade has virtually no weight and perfect balance, it flashes in brilliant white light as it wraps it's foes in it's deadly embrace.

    Moradin's Maul: can be wielded in one hand or two for extra impact. This weapon blazes to action on a critical hit dealing extra damage, as the Heat Metal spell, plus standard critical damage. This dwarven hammer is etched with runes that flash their intent to mold the world around them. The dark grey head of the hammer meets a lightly ashed wooden handle that fits perfectly in the wielder's hands, almost as if an extension of it's master.

    Couatyl Fang daggers: the bite of these twin daggers will surprise even the toughest of foes as they wonder if they were hit once or twice. Any hit with these blades allows a free attack on the same target with no penalties. Each attack deals standard damage plus radiant damage bonus on a hit. These prismatic blades, with golden handles, reflect the full spectrum in any light as long as they remain together.

    These would all be classified as artifact weapons, even in their weakest forms, since their potential for growth is limited only by the players actions.

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