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    Imiosis Homebrew D&D5e LFP, Thursday GMT+1 19:00 till 23:00.

    Hello, folks

    I've been working on making a Homebrew D&D5th edition campaign. The campaign itself is running for the past 2 and a half years now.

    Start Time
    Each Monday CEST+1 19:00 till 23:00. UTC+2 (Netherlands EU time zone)
    The campaign
    The setting will be very dark and gritty; lots of horror elements and or creatures and adult themes will be handled. So if this is not for you better move along citizen. See it as Darksouls/Bloodborne into a post-apocalyptic world where the Underdark has become the above world. This does mean that certain elements such as creature alignments might be different. Since the campaign is running for already quite a while, I will bring you up to speed about the world your options, and other things you'll need to know.

    Various alignments of creatures might be different than what you are used to morality is grey and sometimes evil is needed to either halt or protect someone or something from a worse evil.

    RP and battle will be roughly 70/30 if not 80/20 at some moments(also depends a bit on the group how fast everything goes and more) so it's quite a bit RP heavy. RP will be serious a joke here and it is never bad but staying in character is important.


    4-5 depends a bit on the group and players. Currently have 1 spot open (cleric or paladin class preferred for story and group diversity, but you can always ask) I am looking for players that actively RP if your more the silent type this is not the campaign for you. You'll start at lvl 12

    After you've read the world state and such you can make a character (mostly due to how the world is set up you need some pre-information and also helps get the creative juices flowing). Homebrew is fine, I also rework classes or think along to make something you'll enjoy playing. If you want for whatever reason an aberration or a mutation of something existing that is mostly "fashion or aesthetics" that is generally fine I will look into things though so that no unbalanced things will happen upon creation. Be unique and whatever you want it's fantasy after all.
    When you create a character there is a form you need to fill in. This largely provides you with some useful questions as to guide you in making a fully-fledged character, beyond "I want to adventure" which is not a backstory. I don't mind good/flavorful character builds however if you try to break the game with a particular OP build this will not be tolerated. We are all here to have an enjoyable experience even me.

    It always is possible that sometimes you cannot make it. However, if you know you have a busy life and cannot attend often you will not fit in the group. It will be a long-running campaign.

    Have discord, FG Standard, Classic or Unity, decent working Mic, minimum background noise (playing in your living room with a tv in the background blaring and 2 kids running around is not conducive to playing)

    How to contact
    Discord: Kosmtheandric#9148
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    hey just saw your post and I am interested in joining your game let me now if you have any spots left open thanks!

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