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    LFG/P 3-4 Players LF Tuesday Evening EST Prefer 5E

    FG License: DM has Ultimate license Unity
    Time Zone: American EST
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Tuesday at 7:30pm once a week to every other week.
    Term: Long Term
    Voice: Discord

    Game System Preferred: Our group is mostly players with experience in 5E but they are willing to learn and play other things as well
    Game System Experience: I have been roleplaying and DMing since I was 12 and have worked with a lot of systems.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: We have been using FGU for about 1.5 years now, so enough exp to make the games fun.

    What we are looking for: My group has been playing for about 1.5 years now over FGU, and recently two of our members had to leave the group to due personal conflicts. Nothing crazy just life stuff getting in the way. We are looking for one player to round out our group. Ideally someone with some experience DMing as well since I have been forever DM for some time. Our current campaign is on a hiatus as I need to figure out what to do with two characters just evaporating. I will be going back to that once we get settled and find another consistent player/DM.

    Our group mainly likes to focus on the story with maybe 30% of our interest in combat or rolling dice. So if you are interested in a decent group that needs one player and feel comfortable DMing occasionally as well post here and I will setup interviews with my group and see how it goes.

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    I could be interested, depending on the conversation. I have been running a game since 2017 that we recently moved to FGU from FGC. I also started a second campaign and play in one or two so I enjoy the hobby. Anyway, would love to have a talk if you are interested.

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    Hello adventures.

    I would be interested in playing. I have an ultimate licence with most of the 5e rule books.

    I have GMed and wouldn't mind doing some, as needed etc, but would love to play. I like playing off the wall characters that are not all about combat. You know have a flavor to them if you will.

    My history. I was first introduced as a kid to ad&d. Even played some in the navy. Kinda took a break until about 5 years ago, and got reintroduced from all the online stuff.

    I really enjoy what 5e brings as you can play a class in totally different ways now. It's great. I do currently DM massive campaign on Thursday with 5 players. We have mixed in new plates but have had 3 core players the entire time. While I'm not Mathew Mercer I do enjoy giving a good story. Mixing in back stories. Playing my characters etc.

    I can fill any role needed usually when I join a game I'll ask what role is not filled yet. Tank, dos, or healer type I have ideals for all I would like to play.

    If you feel I could be a good fit please let me know.

    Oh one last thing. I do work nights so I would have to be off no later than like 10:45 ish. I mean I could still listen etc just someone would have to roll for me. I could make it work if we went over.

    Well if you think I could be a fit, I would love to learn more about your campaign, and we can see if I'm a fit or not. I appreciate you taking the time to read my reply.

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    Interested in playing. Have an ultimate license. EST availability. New player. New DM.

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