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Thread: Resizing tokens

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    Resizing tokens

    Can I as a games master resize tokens in game?

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    Yep, from the combat-tracker you can set the scale of each individual token either through the mouse-wheel or by typing it in, then you can lock the token-scale on the map so that they keep the relation to the grid when zooming in and out

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    Thank you Tropics

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    Holy cow I never knew this! And here I was painfully resizing all my token images with a graphics program to get them all the same dimensions...

    This will save a lot of time!

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    Yep. Works great when those pesky players cast Enlarge too. Also change their reach and size on the init tracker just to keep things in sych.


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    Or if the PCs get on Horseback in D&D is another good use for it.

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    I'm starting to think someone needs to compile a "tips and tricks" list of all these extremely handy features that many of us aren't aware of.

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    That one is actually in the user guide in the section on the combat tracker.


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    Still got a couple of problems with token resizing related to this.

    Firstly, I read this from the link above : "Any token placed on a map using the combat tracker entry token will be scaled correspondingly."

    I open a map with a grid about 20 pixels wide. I then copy a token out of the combat tracker for a 5ft square enemy, which is a 120 pixel wide token. But it appears on the tracker at it's normal size - no rescaling. Nor does it seem to work the other way around. Is this really a feature ?

    Second question is - my mouse has no wheel. How can I resize individual tokens ? So far, I've found I can only zoom the map in and out and "lock token scale" which resizes all tokens equally (not so useful if the tokens are different scale to each other, such as resizeable area effect templates). Is there a keyboard alternative, as I can't find one ? Would expect something like holding the middle button and moving up and down to work, but it didn't either...

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    First, FG does not have keyboard substitutes for many mouse wheel functions. The more you use it the more you fill find, so I would suggest you buy a cheap wheel mouse and save yourself some frustration.

    On the grid did you put the grid on with FG2? You put a grid on the map, drag a personality onto the combat tracker drop a token on the circle to the left and then drag the token to the grided map then it should work.

    Your personality does have to have entries in the size and reach boxes for this to work.

    The blank field at the top of the tracker seems flaky and doen't work right - don't use it. Either delete it and create a new entry or drag and drop a personality.

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