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    blank player maps

    hello my name is frank. its been a while. I am running fantasy ground dm and player to project to a tabletop. i use to be able to use the dm map and player map. some show up on players other maps show up blank on player. i have tried to unmask but they stay black out. I have heard of a fog. can anyone help me figure out how to get those maps on player to work. Thanks

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    In order for maps to be visible to players they must have a light source (if you switched on lighting) or they must have special vision (such as darkvision) and the token must be selected and placed on the map via the Combat Tracker.

    If that doesn't help can you provide some screenshots of the image unlocked showing the right hand panel settings.

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    thanks for the help actually when i unlock the map i had to enable/disable line of sight. and relock map never knew about this funtion. never had to do this thanks for trying appreciated

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    You can always turn off LoS/lighting; and use the global masking like you did before. The LoS/lighting are on by default; and require tokens to be linked to combat tracker to see.

    You may also want to turn on the Party Movement and Vision option on in the Options, since that will allow any player to see vision for any friendly units.


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