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    Ya, No

    "Closing this thread for now.

    For the original poster, my apologies for the hijacking and debate. If you continue to see this issue, please Contact Support via the menu at the top of the site, with an example campaign folder zipped up as well as the steps to see the issue."

    Uh, no? I don't care what the problem is between you two, but I don't deserve to have my thread closed down because someone else caused a scene. To me, based on the back-and-forth between you two, all that shows to me is that you wanted to have the last word, Moon, regardless of what I, the original poster, needed/wanted. I was trying to seek help for an issue I was having and you just shut me down due to some feud you have with someone else completely unrelated.

    And before you decide to jump to a stereotypical conclusion, no, I'm not posting this thread because I'm "siding with that other person". I don't know enough about Lua or Unity or anything about the design and structure of FGU to be able to side one way or another on that point, but what I do know is that I can't just post to a forum asking for help and expect any answers I get to be trolling or misinformation. I have to assume that people are trying to help or there's no point in using forums. On the other side of that coin, YOU DEVELOPERS are supposed to be the ONE GROUP I CAN trust to give me accurate information, but instead you decided to disregard my request for assistance and treat my thread as a means to make an example of someone else unrelated to the topic.

    I'm not going to go seek help through other means because you shut down my attempts to go through what I thought was the appropriate channels due to some third party. If that's how I'm going to be treated, then I'm just not even going to bother with your company or products anymore and I'll be sure to tell others where it seems to me your priorities lie.

    The only reason I made this thread is to make sure my concerns and experience is publicly viewable so that others can know what to expect in the case their threads get "hijacked".

    Go ahead and close this one. Delete it. I don't care. You've show me how I'm going to be treated and whether you think it was negative or not doesn't matter to me; I'm quite insulted that some random person is able to come in and cause drama and your all's response to that is to inconvenience the original poster instead of dealing with the source of the problem.

    Have a good day.

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    Again, I apologize that you feel you were slighted somehow in that exchange. Unfortunately, without outright banning users (which I'm always hesitant to do), there are not many options that can be used to manage forums. The closing of the thread was merely to head off the whole discussion which was not relevant to your original post and issue.

    As I stated in post #7 and post #9 in that thread; we need more information on exactly what you are doing in order to assist you, including an example campaign showing the issue, and the steps to see it. It is not a general issue for most people, so figuring out what you are doing exactly will help us make suggestions. I did not disregard your question, but I did ask for more information in order to provide a better answer. There are some places where performance can suffer when using large data sets; and if we know how you are using, we can make suggestions to improve your experience.

    Please, if you are still having issues, provide an example campaign where you are having the issue, and the steps to see it.


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    Also, if you prefer, I can re-open the original thread, and remove the offending posts. Either way, we'll need the additional data. Let me know.


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    No, there's no need to re-open the original thread, but it is insulting to me that I wasn't even given the chance to respond to the request to give you an example campaign before it was closed down due to some third party person. I'll get you an example campaign along with a video and such tomorrow, but I need to head to bed for now. I should have it ready tomorrow afternoon, EST.

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    Expanding on what @damned eluded to, please see this thread for a possible solution to your issue: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...cing+GPU+Usage
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    Something came up yesterday. I'm going to be out of town for a few days. I'll get this done when I get home.

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