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    New to C&C...

    I am new to C&C so I am not sure what is needed to get started to check out the rule system and how it is played. What does someone need to get started.


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    ok, thanks. Which section do we use to run it?

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    Nevermind, I figured out how to get started. Created a new campaign for C&C....time to get reading....thanks Damned

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    Is there a DM sourcebook for C&C?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXCBoy36 View Post
    Is there a DM sourcebook for C&C?
    There's the Castle Keeper's Guide: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store...?id=TLG8015FG2 But that's not an equivalent of the D&D DM's Guide.

    What type of data/information are you looking for?
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    C&C existing for probably 10 years without the Castle Keepers Guide.
    For a long time it was just PHB and M&T.
    Everything you need to play are in those two.
    If you want more info, tables, advice, options (not necessarily programmed options) then look at the CKG.

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    Honestly, just diving into it....just was not sure on what to get...have played all versions of D&D so a major newbie to the process in getting started with C&C

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    The really nice thing about C and C is it is really simple to run when compared to other systems. the CKG ( Castle keepers guide) is good for doing more of a deep dive into the Siege Engine and give some interesting variant rules for doing things. I recommend it because it has some good stuff in there, but it's by no means necessary.
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