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    (PAID) StarFinder (Fly Free or Die) (Tuesdays)

    (Ruleset )


    Fly Free or Die
    parts 1 to 6
    It's just another day punching the clock when the player characters, a blue-collar transport crew, are blamed for a bad cargo and stiffed of their bonuses. They take a dangerous job smuggling weapons to a world conquered by militant hobgoblins, but one fiasco later, they're in debt to a crime boss and about to be fired. Their only chance is to steal the Oliphaunt , an experimental cargo hauler with a magical secret, and then survive long enough to collect the payoff!

    I am looking for 2 players to join this group of 4 in this SCI/fantasy/space/adventure

    (start time )

    First game Tuesdays
    (4pm (CST)
    11 Pm(UK)


    10.00 a session 4 weeks in advance

    I offer deals on bulk sets of sessions

    12 sessions 15% off

    24 sessions 25% off


    (main FG posts )


    (Start playing for player reviews of my sessions )


    Thx for looking Doomhippy AKA Audin
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    bump looking for 2 players to gen up ready for 7th of September
    (7pm (CST)
    (1am (UK)

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    bumps 1 space left :-)

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