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    Golarion calendar leap years wrong?


    The FG Golarion Calendar inserts a leap year every 4 years, but it should be every 8 years. As a consequence the calendar days are "wrong".

    To be fair, it's easier to keep track of days when the Golarion calendar matches ours (leap day every 4 years). But I am not sure if this was intentional?!
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    According to page 419 of the Core Rules and page 9 of the Lost Omens World guide: "an extra leap day is tacked on to the second month of the year every 4 years."
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    So they changed that in PF2. Good to know and probably a good idea. Thanks for pointing that out. When I searched the PDF files I looked for "leap year" instead of "leap day" and web searches only returned the old 8 year rule.

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