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    LFG: 5e or M&M on Tuesday evenings US CST

    FG License: FGC and FGU full license
    Game System Preferred: DnD 5E or M&M
    Game System Experience: I've been playing and DMing 5E for 2+ years, M&M newbie but have played a lot of Champions 5E so am familiar with the genre
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: I've used FG/FGU to run 5E games for almost two years
    Character Type Preferred: no preference
    About me: My regular Tuesday game I play in is breaking up and I'm looking to join a game Tuesday evenings. I enjoy a mix of combat and role play but don't mind playing in a game that leans more heavily one way or the other.

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    Traveller and Alien are also systems I am interested in

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