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    Using Chase Decks in FGU?

    A lot of the settings are starting to come out with specific Chase decks.

    Is there currently a way to use Chase Decks in FGU?

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    Are you asking how to use a chase deck in general, as in how to do chases in FGU / SWADE? Or are you asking how to set up a custom deck that you can use instead of the generic deck that comes with FGU?

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    How to use custom cards.
    Many of the more newer settings are coming out with custom VTT Chase Decks where the cards are customized for a Chase.
    Is there a way to use these in FGU without replacing the standard action deck?

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    I haven't done this (yet), but a couple of people on this forum have. Hopefully they'll offer advice.

    This link has a few extensions with alternate decks. For the most part it works, but throws an error since a recent FGU update. You could contact the extension creator and ask for an update or help.
    Themed Action Cards Extensions Updated

    You could contact the deck creators and ask them to offer an FGU version. It would be nice to see these decks in the store. If you post who you contact, I'll also email them and ask. If enough people ask, they might do it.

    If you get stuck, post it, and someone will help. I plan on creating a custom action deck extension for my own game soonish. I'll post what I figure out.
    There's also the discord server. There are very knowledgeable people there.

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    Considering I can't even get my official Oversized Action Deck DLC to properly work, I'm have to say I'm doubtful. While my oversized action cards display correctly in the Public deck window, the moment I drop them on a map image, the face cards revert to the default deck cards. If someone knows how to get them working correctly, I'd love to know how.

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    Unfortunately chase cards are a bit more difficult. The Themed Action ares good outside of 1 problem. When dragged onto a image they revert to the default tokens.

    I have found the spot where I need to change the pointer but so far are but I have been unable to find a way that works and doesnt just break it.

    If the chase cards are more like Adventure cards with specific effects during a chase, the Action deck probably wouldnt work that well. (Currently on phone so unable to double check.)
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    I created my own deck using the Basic Tables mod in order to incorporate the quick chase deck from Savage Pathfinder. It's not pretty, but it works like a champ.


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    MacD has a version using the Decked Out Extension, I tried making one using the Adventure Deck and it nearly worked but the Jokers (get to keep them when shuffling deck) broke it
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