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    LFP, Bi-Weekly Age of Ashes

    Game System: PF2E
    Campaign: Age of Ashes
    Timezone: EST
    Day: Saturdays at 7pm
    Duration of sessions: 3-4 hours
    Frequency: Bi-Weekly
    Campaign Length: Full Adventure Path
    GM License: FGU Ultimate
    Requirement: Age 20+,
    GM Experience: New
    Player Experience: New players are welcome
    Voice: Discord
    Camera: No
    Sources: Any module I own in Fantasy Grounds
    Restricted Player Options: Rare tags need to be ran by me first. No Hobgoblins or Orcs.


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    I already played ages and maybe interested to play it again if it was another night like Monday Tuesday or wed. Is Saturday locked in for you ?
    I am looking for a bi weekly PF2 game. Send me a PM to discuss further if you like.

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    I filled out the survey last night. I hope you can find enough players.

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    what days is this on you only have saturday listed but says bi-weekly?

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    Biweekly is every other week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keraki View Post
    Biweekly is every other week
    i had to go check google for this i always hear things like bi-annual which means twice a year. they say it means whatever you want it to mean. lol ok english

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    Bi-annual is every other year. Semi-annual is twice a year

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    So is this locked in to Saturday’s for sure ?

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    I have some experience with PF2E (mostly Planar Prison campaigns), but literally just installed FGU yesterday. I'm totally happy to join this game though, so however I'm supposed to apply I'll do so. I can tell you whatever else you need to know also. Saturdays are perfect for me, I work night shifts monday to friday. Have a good day.

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