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    Goblin as part of the party?

    I'm GMing Dead Suns, and my players have "adopted" one of the goblins they found in the Acreon. I'm converting to Fantasy Grounds, starting in Splintered Worlds, and I'd like to include the goblin in the party as either a companion or an aditional PC. I just can't create the character sheet for it :-/
    What am I missing? Should I have the Alien Archive for the race? Any other way to include a personalized sheet?

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    I strongly recommend using a PC sheet for the goblin character, companions work based on different rules all together.

    I'm not too sure where your problem lies to create the PC sheet for him but I assume that you don't own AA1 on FG and therefore don't have access to the race. You don't need to purchase AA1 to get the race, if you want, you can go ahead and add it yourself.
    You seem quite new here, so if you need help doing this feel free to hit me up on discord it's better to have a realtime chat for these support things.
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    Thanks Evo! Yes, I don't own yet the AA1 in FGU. I haven't tried creating a race yet. I did manage to create an NPC with a creature gen, and worst case scenario I can add it to the combat tracker as an ally.

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