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    New Class: Guardian

    Please let me know your thoughts, this is my first time making a module. I wanted something unique and engaging, and felt that this really hit it on the nose. Basically, this is a reaction-based class with mid-ranged thrown capabilities, limited weapon and armor proficiencies, but heightened saves. Crafting (combat enhancing) and Diplomacy (RP enhancing) skill based. I thought about having some sort of Focus Point system, maybe tied to uses of Guardian's Disruption, but instead tied that into it's Shield HP.

    Let me know your thoughts. Is it too OP? Too weak? Mismatches with feats or abilities? I have the module built for Fantasy Grounds with all the links to feats and equipment, let me know if you're interested in trying it out. Thanks!


    The real heroes of the realm are protectors and guardians to those they love and hold dear. Though many take a lawful approach, or a good approach, there are some who stand up for equality and neutrality in all ways. Guardians by nature are not chaotic as their devotion to protecting something or someone has some semblance of order and purpose. This sense of protection seems from a commitment to a deity or purpose and empowers them to perform great feats.

    During combat encounters...

    You confront enemies as a mid-line defensive-offense. Turning the tide of battle with a well placed strike, dispel, or block. While not a weak front line combatant, it is not where you are strongest.

    During social encounters...

    You could approach social situations in a variety of ways in accordance with your purpose for protecting your commitment. You draw upon your wisdom to guide your choice of words and actions that would result in the best outcome for your charge.

    While exploring...

    Often taking a lead position, you are able to spot and prepare for difficulties ahead. This allows you to position yourself and your friends appropriately to take on challenges before they arise. While not skilled in nature or survival, you are skilled in the diplomatic arts and could help turn an argument into an alliance.

    In downtime...

    You take great care of your shield and crafting augments onto it. You might even find benefit in forging new networks or finding out information. Rarely are you far from your charge and commitment, but you do find time to relieve stress when they are not around and you know they are safe.

    You Might...

    • Hone your skills in predictive combat with friendly brawls or bar fights.
    • Find employment as a blacksmith or apprentice, or visit more experienced ones for augments and tips.
    • Get to know your charge better, explore an area of your commitment, or lobby for your ideal to a local government.

    Others Probably...

    • View you as overbearing or a favored ally, depending on your demeanor and reason for the commitment
    • Confide in you and desire your protection, or loath your behavior and obsession.
    • Attempt to employ you as a bodyguard, lobbyist, or caretaker.

    Table: Guardian Advancement

    [Your Level] [Class Features]
    [1] [Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, anathema, Commitment, Guardian's Buckler low-grade, shield block, attack of opportunity]
    [2] [Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
    [3] [General feat, Lightning Reflexes, skill increase]
    [4] [Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
    [5] [Alertness, Bravery, ability boosts, ancestry feat, skill increase]
    [6] [Guardian's Buckler standard-grade, Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
    [7] [General feat, Guardian Weapon Expertise, Great Fortitude, skill increase]
    [8] [Bolstered Range Abilities, Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
    [9] [Ancestry Feat, Evasion, Light armor expertise, Protector's Blessing, skill increase]
    [10] [Ability Boost, Battlefield Surveyor, Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
    [11] [Bolstered Range Abilities, General feat, Resolve, skill increase]
    [12] [Expanded Reactions, Guardian's Buckler high-grade, skill feat, weapon specialization]
    [13] [Ancestry feat, Incredible Senses, Juggernaut, skill increase]
    [14] [Bolstered Range Abilities, Expanded Reactions, Guardian Weapon Mastery, skill feat]
    [15] [Ability Boosts, general feat, Improved Evasion, skill increase]
    [16] [Expanded Reactions, Protector's Blessing, skill feat]
    [17] [Ancestry Feat, Greater Resolve, Light armor mastery, skill increase]
    [18] [Guardian's Buckler superior-grade, Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
    [19] [General feat, Guardian Weapon Legend, skill increase]
    [20] [Ability boosts, Expanded Reactions, skill feat]
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    Moved to the Pathfinder 2 sub-forum as this is specific to this RPG system.
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    This is for PFRPG 2 using the Core Rulebook, Lost Omens, and Advanced Player's Guide.

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    This seems interesting but what is the wow feature for this class?

    It looks at first glance to be a champion (who uses bucklers) and gets Attacks of Opportunity.

    I have been tinkering with a Fighter who takes Champion dedications and this seems to give me the best of both worlds. If I had to choose I would take fighter ever time but adding those nice champion abilities makes it not an easy choice.
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    I was struggling putting all the text in there and in replies, so I just uploaded the module instead. I can try uploading screenshots of the wow features.

    The gamble is sacrificing actions in turn for the possibility of triggers out of turn, upfront damage isn't the greatest, but the defensive capabilities make up for it with sudden combat maneuvers, battlefield placement, rerolls, disruptions, and minor healing.
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    It's an interesting concept.

    I haven't looked at it in too much detail, but I think the buckler functionality needs some refining:
    • I don't think the craft check ties in with what Paizo are doing in PF2. They're reduced the amount of randomness as characters level - you don't roll for HP any more, for example. I think the range of possibilities with a craft check each level could leave on character with a weak buckler after a few levels (low success, or fails) or could have a character with a really OP buckler if they get a few good rolls in a row.
    • The use of points needs to be restricted. Hardness is king for a shield - as the guardian's buckler is set out now, I'd just add all my craft points to hardness every level - and after only a few levels I might be blocking 30 points of damage 3 times a round (if I spend an action to get two extra actions and use them on shield block) - that's nearly three times as much as an 8,800GP high-grade adamantine shield blocks (hardness 13)!

    I get it, the guardian's buckler is key to this character. But it is, IMO, way over the top for Pathfinder Second Edition.
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    Thank you, this is the kind of feedback I'm looking for. That crafting part could definitely be removed, I'll just leave the increases to the change in material quality with every 6 levels. The character still has to use crafting checks to repair their shield as part of their daily preparations (that just follows normal rules as written).

    Just to feed the whole "crafting checks are part of the class concept", maybe I can replace some class features with the Talisman Affixing archetype? Just bake it into the class so it is part of the leveling of the character. Like... pick your Commitment (Person, Place, Ideal) and pick your archetype (Talisman, Sentinel, Marshal) to really add flavor and variety. A player can play this class with 27 different builds (3 different commitments, each with 3 different shield types, with 3 different archetype trees).

    I'm bouncing around ideas, I really appreciate the feedback.

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