Token error: Found this one last night. If you use the 'drag character portrait to Init Tracker then drag from Init Tracker to Map' method of character token placement players can get error messages about token transfer failed. This is when they login and I share the map with the tokens on it BEFORE the other players show up. They get the map, the error message and the players not yet logged in won't show up on the map. But, if they move their mouse pointer arond they can find the place the token should be because they get the reach highlight and I think they see the green spot where the token should be.

Mouse roller madness: In a flash back of the old spell list in FG1, rolling the mouse roller on the Init Tracker Init area is a Bad Thing. As the init changes the character/bad guy you are on shoots off into his new init order bringing up another creature under your mouse roller. It is very easy to toss the whole order into shambles. I think there needs to be more of a pause between the start of the change and when it reorders itself. Right now its measure in nano seconds.

Another DC request: Players have asked if there can be a line for DC on the mini spell list.

Books reclosing: When a player logs into a game, opens a book (spells) and then leaves the game. And the logs in the next week the book is closed and has to be reopened. Every week... if I want to add books for feats, skills, house rules, ect, ect it would be a pain to have to open up all the books every week. Once books are open shouldn't they stay open?