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    Token names in FG2

    I love the way I can associate tokens with monsters and NPCs in FG2, and then drag them onto the combat tracker and the map, keeping everything linked. However, the map tokens appear to have their names automatically associated with them, so that my players can see what they are simply by hovering their pointers over the tokens. Now, when I'm running a game, it's quite often the case that my players might not know the name of a monster or NPC, and I don't want them to know at that point.

    The obvious workaround is to name the NPCs descriptively - "Tall, scarred man" - but that's not ideal in terms of me working with them from the DM's point of view, and it won't work with standard monsters. Ideally, I'd like a different field in the NPC/monster sheets to be the one that the players see when they mouse over the tokens (and similarly for images, maps, etc). The second best option would be if the default could be not to show the names to the players, or if I could set that to be the default. Failing that, I'd like to be able to change the names the players see, but it might be annoying if I have to do this with every monster token...

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    You can do as in FG1 and drag a line of text from the chat-entry window to the token , which will now show that text as it's description.
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    Yeah that is one of the anoying things about FG2 and generic monsters - it displays the name. Its one of those features that is good part of the time and bad part of the time. You can just change them to "Citter" or "Black Ghost" and then drag and drap the name down the lines of the combat tracker. The other thing is just name them. Fob, Gob, Bog ect. Names like that are not helpful to the players but sometime can get some interesting flavor. Name a group "Screaming Death", "Bloody Death", "Painful Death" and observe your players.

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    Hah, that does sound like an interesting experiment.

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