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    Force Load vs Allow for Players

    What's the diff between Force Load and Allow for Players in the Module Activiation window?

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    I believe Force Load means that when a player joins, it automatically loads it and opens it for the player, and Allow for PLayers means it doesn't automatically laod it up, but if they want to look at it the player can open it up and load it themselves.
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    Force means the module "will" be loaded when the player connects, if necesary transfering the module. Allow means the module will only be loaded by the player if he opens it himself.

    As an example, suppose your players were whining at you their library was empty (yes, I know players never *whine* but bear with me). To quiet them, with the default d20 set, the DM could force the d20 basic module to load. The DM might also allow the d20 spells to be loaded because he figures the spell casters will want them but others could care less.

    Related to this is there are different types of modules, some the players can't see period - so force loading or allowing them to players have no effect. The greenish d20 monster and d20 items books in the default d20 are like that.

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    why can't you allow those few "green" books to the players? What if i have a summoner and he uses a lot of the monsters from the MM? That would be helpful.

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    You can but you have to change the files a bit. By default they are GM eyes only because the definition files have them that way. I can try and dig up the post on how to change that when I get home.

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