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    One player Fog of War issue

    Playing FG classic with a large group. I have one player whose fog of war is not being saved. All of the other player's maps save their progress (or are getting the map from me with fog correctly lifted in areas they have been), but this one player is not. I can draw to reveal areas, and he gets it. If he logs out and back in, we have to start all over again.

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    welcome grantdawg1

    i would suggest that this player has messed up file system permissions and he cant write to his cache file.

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    Ok, thanks for the reply. What level of permissions does he need? At least read/write?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grantdawg1 View Post
    Ok, thanks for the reply. What level of permissions does he need? At least read/write?
    Yes. Generally if FG is installed into the default directories there shouldn't be an issue.
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    We tried the permissions, and they were set fine. We also tried logging in under a different name, removed the game and completely reinstalled. Nothing has worked. It is a six player game, and he is the only one. His computer is not a juggernaut, but it is not the weakest. I am at a loss.

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    You can try having the player nuke their cache folder; by using the nuke folder on the Join Game screen. This will delete the cache data package; which will force the player's client to re-download on their next connection. It might be a bad/corrupted file in the cache data package for that campaign.


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    He did that. Not only that, but he completely deleted and reinstalled the game, including his cache and other files.

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    That's so strange that it's only one player. I'm at a bit of a loss on why it doesn't work on his, but does work on everyone else.

    Perhaps he has some security or internet filtering software installed that might be interfering with the file downloads (interecepting/rewriting/etc)?


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    Is that one player's cache being written to during the game? Does it's file size change? There should be the following file;
    <FG Data>/cache/<campaign name>/campaign.dat

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    I'm another player in his game, as well as a DM for a different one. We've gone through all the troubleshooting steps we could find here for him. We will have to check on the campaign.dat file. What's really strange is that in the game that I DM (Pathfinder 2E), his FoW works the way it should. And it works in the D&D 5E game if the FoW is revealed during the session, it just doesn't save between sessions like it does for the others.

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