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Thread: FGII & Vista?

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    Hung at the Gate

    >>Apologies - better suited for the House of Healing.

    Any known issues with MS Vista? FG1.5 worked, but FG2 is hanging on the opening screen, chugging away at 52% proc indefinitely. Related to the updater issue?
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    I have Vista Bussiness. I tried just running setup and that did not seem to work for me. So I uninstalled and re-installed telling the setup program to run as an administrator.

    FG2 did work after that but did not import anything (because in admin mode it would not beforwarded over to the virtual store I presume). I then copied all the campaigns in the FG1.05f folder in the virtual store over to the new campaign location and everything seems fine.

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    We have tested FGII in Vista Ultimate. The installer executable should run as administrator by default and Vista should prompt for the elevated permissions needed. FGII once installed, does not require administrative access level.
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    Funny, no response!

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    It did ask to elevate the first time I tried but since it didn't work the first time I tried the other way which is why I think I did not get any imports.

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    My problem turned out to be screen DPI settings - I stumbled on my answer in the *ahem* proper place for such things, HoH. *self hand slap*

    FG2 does NOT like the large DPI.

    Feel free to close this out, oh ye boardmasters with power.

    FWIW, I'm running Vista Enterprise.

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    I'm also running FGII on a Vista Home box with no issues whatsoever. My update didn't look any different than when I did it on my XP machines.

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