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    Looking for saturday game

    Hi, I'm looking to join a new or existing group, D&D 3.5 or Star Wars D20, maybe even Vampire: The Masquerade (tho that one would be new to me).

    I'm available on saturdays from 9 am to 10 pm (GMT+1, CET). I have teamspeak if required. Willing to play any character class.

    PS games that go on for more than 1 session please...
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    I would be up for a saturday D&D 3.5 game. I am free from 10am to 4 pm EST, 4pm to 10pm your time(CET).

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    that would suit me fine l1wolf. I assume you're looking to host a game then?

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    Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I was looking to join as a player also. I only have the lite version of FG and haven't used it yet. I was trying to get a DM and more players to notice the post and start something.

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    If some European DM sees it and start a game, i will be interested to play too.

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    There is a game on Saturday that will suit a GMT (i.e European) time frame - New Pisian seeks players, especially a rogue. Lvl 1-2 Saturday 7 PM GMT

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    applied to the game on the calendar.

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    Honduras - thanks for the interest, you are now accepted on the calendar.

    One question... did you notice our play time? I think our games run from about 9pm your time on saturday to midnight or 1pm your time. Let us know on the game calendar if that works for you.

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    That will indeed be a little too late for me.

    As a result, I'm open to new offers for saturdays.

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    Honduras, did you check the calendar thread for that game? There is a post on March 2 which mentions there was no game scheduled for this week. That was mentioned at the end of last session also. Hope to see you next week.

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