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    Journal Entry #1: Wingovers

    Hi all!

    This is the first of a series of journal entries from us developers. We are going to post these once a week or so to update you on what's taking place in FG2 development.

    We took some time off after Christmas and have since continued working on FG2 beta, fresh and loaded with ideas. Modules, exporting and local mode were in the spotlight during the past week, not forgetting the pile of bugs still in there.

    Modules can now be exported using a new interface, which lets you define the entities that belong to the module. You can include story pages, monsters, NPCs, items, maps and tokens individually or drag the whole book into the module. We expect the approach to cover most needs when it comes to exporting.

    The core of FG2 and D20 ruleset are feature ready and most bugs left are in the ruleset scripts rather than in code. We've also been fixing the content issues in the ruleset, such as invalid item data and are looking into adding dragons in the ruleset. Beta forums have brought us the feedback we wished and there's a new version around the corner for testers - check the beta forum for more info during the week.

    As beta testers have noticed, local mode hasn't been available in FG2 thus far, but that is about to change. The chat window functions as a tool for throwing stats. It collects your throws and helps you choose the three best throws out of four if you wish.

    Journey Onwards!
    Ville Leino
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    This type of feedback from the developers are a welcome addition, and much appreciated! It is much easier to have patience if there is some indication as to what happens.

    FG II shows a lot of promise!


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    Excellent news!

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    I was starting to think that FG2 was a myth turned into legend.
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    Thanks for the post, Dupre. I appreciate the devs taking some time out of their busy schedule to give us an update.

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    Thank you for the update.

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