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    Looking for v3.5 game (Australian Time)


    I live in Western Australia (+9GMT) and I'd like to join a pre-existing game or a new one. I have a lot of experience in both D&D as well as Fantasy Grounds software. I am available:

    Monday - Anytime
    Tuesday - Anytime
    Wed-Sun - After 7pm AWST

    I'm willing to fill any character role and I'm very keen to play! I'll always turn up on time (or if I absolutely have to) give proir warning to any absences; I know how frustrating it can be when players don't turn up. You can contact me through MSN or Email at [email protected] for both. Thanks! Hope to hear from you!

    - Ryan

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    Hi Jaraak
    Look as you have so much exp in FG and with D&D don´t you want to start a game or maybe a campaign on our own?? i used to play with a guy from australia too...so if you want to try something just say ok?
    Bye and see you around...
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