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    Did the price go up???

    I got some friends together, and we were waiting until this month to make our combined purchase (Christmas just nailed us, and everyone was flat broke until January), and now that I come back to do the final tally in the store, I'm seeing higher prices than I remember. Am I remembering wrong, or has the price gone up? I swear it said 30 for a full license, and 15 for a lite, but now it's 35/20. I've already told everyone how much this was gonna come to, working-in the discount. Did I goof, or was there a price increase? I know it's only 5 bucks per, but I'm still gonna get lynched. lol

    And if it was a price increase, man, I really wish there'd been some sort of "get your orders in before such-n-such date!" warning.

    On a side-note, I'm curious about upgrades to future versions. I know that a current license will allow for a 2.0 upgrade, but will that continue into future versions? For instance, if we buy our licenses now, will we be able to continue to upgrade into other future releases, like a 3.0 version, etc?

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    The price was advertised as the holiday price, clearly labelled on the button as "Until Dec 31st". I know that, because I saw that and rushed to get my 8-license purchase in before the new year.

    In our case, 8 licenses would have come to $22 more (3 full 5 lite) had I waited till Jan 1st. Remember that the '$5 more' is discounted in volume too: $5+$4+$3+($2*(x-3)). If you're getting a full and 5 lite licenses, for example, the price is now $18 more than if you had purchased during the sale.

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    Crap. I never saw that. On a button, you say? I was on the "Store" page several times, and never noticed anything like that. Well, at least I'm not going nuts or anything, but man, now I've gotta figure out how to tell everyone I screwed up and that it's gonna cost us more. It was about the beginning of December that we agreed to do it, but everyone was in the same boat and had the same idea: "wait until January, because the holidays have tapped me out," to which I wholeheartedly agreed. I am so never gonna hear the end of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurgan
    I am so never gonna hear the end of this.
    Hehe, true friends never let you forget your mistakes. I'm still hearing about things I did 15 years ago.
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    Hey, at least you didn't tell your friends to go out and get it already and stop putting it off, and then 3 days later it went on sale for the Holidays after they bought their 3 licenses like I did. heh heh
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