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    Investigator Extension

    This extension is being superseded by Player Agency

    This is a first release of a new extension to help players collaborate directly and keep track of Clues and Theories as they evolve.
    This is intended as a Player Tool, like Notes. It is not intended as a GM Tool.

    Please test and share any feedback.

    Key features.
    Players can create a Clue Sheet and can flesh that out with plenty of supporting information.
    All fields are formatted text fields and so will accept bold, italic and underline text as well as headings, bullet points tables and links (to items, npcs, maps, parcels, World entries etc).
    If the Owner of the clue ticks Public then all Players can see the Clue.

    All players can now append notes to the Discussion section and each note will be tagged with that players name. This allows any player to add valuable information to the Clue sheet.

    Anyone can click the chat button to share the entire Clue sheet straight to chat. This will strip almost all formatting due to chat window limitations.

    Compatible with all CoreRPG rulesets (dont use with MoreCore as it will be builtin to MoreCore shortly).
    Free to use. If you wish to extend this please request permission directly.

    Current Version 0.65 20200308 uploaded

    More to come.
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    Known Issues.

    The record may need to be closed and opened after clicking lock/unlock.

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    Great addition!

    Previously: MurghBpurn

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    Interesting, will check it out!

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    This looks cool. Great job Damned.
    "Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind."...MJK... Tool frontman

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    Gonna check back later and download this one. Should be useful!

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    Oh snap! I needed this not long ago in my campaign. The party split up and was investigating a town full of murders very detective like. After investigations they had an entire session cross-examing their findings. It was difficult for them to share their findings this would've been useful. Looking forward to running another murder mystery with this. Thanks damned. Great work as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Investigator is now live!

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