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    Map Import

    Am I missing something? Used to be able to drag and drop maps into FG Classic, but FGU doesnt allow it, how do we add our home made maps, so I can add LOS and use in session?

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    You can not drag files directly into the FGU screen; since the underlying Unity 3D platform does not allow that.

    Also, per the Known Differences thread stickied in the forum, images are not treated as "assets" that can be used in any image record. So, an image record is not created automatically for a new file that is added. Basically, since an image record can contain multiple image asset files, we can no longer assume that a file equals a record as we did before.

    To create a new image record from an asset, you can drag the Image asset from the Assets window (available via the sidebar near bottom) to the Images list; and it will automatically create a new image record with that asset as the first layer.

    To add new assets, click the Folder button in the Images list to open the campaign images folder where you can place new assets for your campaign.


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