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    AD&D 2cnd Edition

    I am interested in Fantasy Grounds. One of my friends showed it to me recently.

    I am interested in running a AD&D 2cnd ed campaign on FG. To do so I need a couple of questions answered.

    1) I read that there is a AD&D 2cnd ruleset in use. I cannot find any links to information on it. So what features does the ruleset have? Basically what books does it support?

    2) Can anybody that uses the ruleset give me some feedback on how well it works?

    If the ruleset is useful I will get a copy of FG for it.

    My email is : [email protected]

    Thank you.

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    Hi there
    If you want i can get you the ruleset i guess its the one you are looking for...
    Say something ok?
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    blue haven can you still get it?

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