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    Returning DM with questions...

    I'm a born again DM and looking to start a new D&D group under the 3.5 rules. Prior to this the last time I played was with the 1.0 rule set. I've started a campaign at home with my family and their really enjoying it but that isn't quite enough for me. Because of bed times and such we seem to only get in an encounter every few days. I can see FG being a useful tool for off line campaign management though.

    I am also very interested in starting another D&D group that is more regular as well but I don't know anybody locally who would be interested. FG looks like it might be a great way to get hooked up with a regular group again. I suppose my question would be this, do you think a noobish DM could find a group wanting to start out at level 1 and willing to bear with the DM as he relearned the ropes? I love making my own adventures as well as using premade ones.

    Another question I have is about the map interface. Is there a snap to grid feature for the tokens? Or if not is this a feature coming up in 2.0?

    Beyond that I'd be hard pressed to find anything that FG doesn't do and I'm really excited about the idea running a campaign with it.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    There are always more players than DM's. So yes, I believe you would not have much problem finding players. I also believe, in the beginning, you are more likely to find players the closer you stick to d20 and D&D.

    There is not a snap to grid feature for tokens, currently. There will be in 2.0. Honestly I'm rather indifferent to the feature but YMMV. I much more interested in movement milestoning.
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    New DM, New Players

    Welcome to FG from another newbie!

    I've played a bit of DnD, but I'm new to FG, and I'm bringing in at least two others who are new to both DnD (played once or twice in the 80's) and to FG (just getting the "lite" version up and running on their computers).

    We fit the profile mentioned by Griogre: We're looking for "plain vanilla" DnD (d20) 3.5 rules. As far as your ability to find players, an experienced DM who just has to catch up on the FG technical issues and the 3.5 updates should have no trouble.

    The ability to coordinate my crazy schedule with the more regular schedules of others has been my problem so far, but I'll keep an eye out for your postings on games offered.

    Good luck.
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    Hi and welcome!

    If you are willing to DM I don't think you'll have problems getting players. Note though: Its been often commented on how easy it is to lose players from an on-line group as well. You might have to go though quite a few players before you get a core group.

    No snap to grid but I've never missed this. We just move the tokens around as needed.


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