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    New Token Pack "The Camp"

    Hello everybody,
    I am in the coloring stage of another token pack, this one started as just a custom order but grew very quickly.
    The new token pack will contain around 30 unique tokens and some variations of them.
    The set is called "The Camp" and has various adventurers in sleeping positions, most are on the ground but some of them are designed to go onto an existing bed, if you have one in your map. Along with the characters there are horses and guard dogs along with one sleepy panther. They can be arranged around the campfire tokens also included with the set.
    It will come in the standard FG scale and the higher-res version. I'm hoping that FG has token scaling and I can just make hi-res from this point on.
    I should have it available in about two weeks.

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    Sounds like a pretty useful set. Perhaps you can include "slain" variants, too(bloody versions of the sleeping tokens).

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    Quote Originally Posted by heruca
    Perhaps you can include "slain" variants, too(bloody versions of the sleeping tokens).
    Oh, that's just wrong LOL!!
    Alea Iacta Est
    The Die is Cast!

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    What? Killing people in their sleep...or making bloody tokens?

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    The camp has been finished and will show up in the FUM store early next week.

    I'll be working on an Underdark token pack next.

    Then another DM essential pack.

    put your requests in now, if I can do them in one of the following packs I will.


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    Is FUM still offering custom tokens? It looks from this post like they are, but I was just looking on their web site and couldn't find them.

    I'm rejoining my old gaming group, having moved away, now that I know about FG as a means of doing that. I'd like to get custom tokens for us all as a way of starting up with FG.


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    Hey Khel,
    I am still making custom tokens, we are doing a bit of remodeling over at FUM sorry for the confusion.

    You can contact me at [email protected] about custom orders.

    I've just made 3 new token packs available at the store.

    Token Pack 9 The Camp
    This pack contains 38 unique tokens. Suitable for any outdoor campsite and some Inns.
    Several male and female, human, dwarven and elven adventurers sleeping outdoors and some indoors, pets, campfires, horses (grazing), a tent, traps and a deer and 2 fowl(dead)

    Token Pack 10 Townsfolk
    This pack contains 28 unique tokens. Suitable for most human villages.
    2 bartenders, a male server, a butcher, Hunter, blacksmith, laborers, nobles, children, and 3 bar patrons seated (chairs not included).

    Token Pack 11 Basic Undead.
    This pack contains 37 unique tokens. Suitable for any cemetary.
    3 Evil NPCs (one makes a fine lich, female cleric, male dark paladin), 12 Skeletons, 6 Zombies, an undead Orc, a Zombie dog, a Bodak, a spectral dog, 5 ghosts, 6 Ghouls and a floating skull lich.

    They come in two versions, scaled for Fantasy Grounds and Battle Grounds.


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    Great - I'll place an order soon.

    I noticed that the links from the FG affiliates page to the FUM token packs don't work, probably as a result of the remodeling you mentioned. You might want to contact the FG powers-that-be to get the links fixed.

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    Those new token packs look really useful, Devinnight. I hope you sell tons of them.

    I'd like to suggest a theme for a future pack: guards, soldiers, and commanders (perhaps even for various races).

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    Quote Originally Posted by heruca
    I'd like to suggest a theme for a future pack: guards, soldiers, and commanders (perhaps even for various races).
    That's a great idea. I'd buy that.

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