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    Heal, temporary hit points etc...

    Good day,

    I'm working on something that I don't think FG can do but I wanted to try it anyway... it didn't work but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just because I messed something up in the effects or that FG simply cannot do what I was trying to do.

    The goal: Create a custom effect, place it on a target, place another effect on the PC that triggers when the pc interacts with the target in a specific way and the end result is the PC gaining temporary hit points.

    So the HEAL command is a modifier on rolls so HEAL: 30 temp wont work I assume but HEAL: 60d6 would. The goal for me is to make this all happen with temporary hit points so the effect looks like this:

    IFT:CUSTOM(Effect name); HEAL: 1d6 temp;

    That effect is set on the PC.

    The effect placed on the target is simply:

    Effect Name;

    So my question is, does anyone know a reason that doesn't work? As in does the HEAL: 1d6 temp only work on npcs while PCs have to use the dialog box?

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    First, since Effects are ruleset dependent, what ruleset are you trying to do this in?

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    As you mention, effects don't actually trigger an action. In this case the heal effect doesn't trigger a heal action, even if the effect includes dice, it will only effect the results of a heal action when a heal action is actually rolled/applied.

    You can't do what you're trying to do automatically - you'll have to handle it as a manual heal when the interaction occurs.

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    Alright thanks, just needed confirmation that I wasn't screwing something up.

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