In you heading PLEASE put your GMT +/- time at the end of the heading INSTEAD of this time zone thing (ie; E.S.T, etc) ... the time zone thing means very little if you are in another country and you don't use them.

eg: 'Got the game and would like to play DnD - GMT +10'

(... this says alot more than ...)

eg: 'Got the game and would like to play DnD - EST - 7.30 to 10.30pm'

In addition, show what games you want in the heading (like the example above) ... helps in sorting out quickly what msgs to read and what to come back to later.

Lastly ... update your profiles to show where within your GMT you live ... is it such a big secret to not do it and it helps to find players in your area ... recently saw '... up yonder in the trees ...'; where the hell is that ... come on people, do you want to play or do you do what I seem to be doing and scanning posts to look for someone most of the time.

That's my 50 cents, nickle, penny, peso, ruble, or whatever currency you may be using.