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    Using Premade Adventures (e.g. Dragon Heist)

    I'm planning to run Dragon Heist. Is there a source, video or thread that I can use to reference how to utilize FG effectively? Most of the info out there seems to be built on creating new content rather than using remade adventures.


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    Yep, lots and lots

    First, check out FG College. Second, check out the videos linked here; http://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/index.php/Videos
    Then, go through the Tutorial Campaign that comes with FG and uses the 5E ruleset.

    I can't think of a specific source for you, but one once you get familiar with the UI, I think you'll find the adventures pretty easy to use.

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    Welcome to the FG forums!

    Also you may want to load up the 5E example campaign that comes with FG and go through the tutorial - it covers using FG, including pre-made content, with example in the example campaign.

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