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    NPC Maker

    Hello Folks.

    Is there a way to make the NPC creation more easy?
    It needs something like:
    - A windows to add loot?
    - Drop downs for choosing items, dmg, and many more?
    - Add Aura effects like slow in 60 ft. radius?

    This would make FG even more interesting for creating own mini-bosses and own rulesets.

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    Remember the design philosophy for NPCs in 5e, NPCs are not PCs run by the DM. By default they do not have PC things. This is carried over into FG, so NPCs do not have items, levels, etc. Their abilities, traits and actions might be derived or calculated by creating a PC or adding items so as a Wand of Web, but NPCs in 5E are not defined like a PC is defined.

    Therefore, they do not carry items. See my reply to your other post about how to create parcels and how to link them to NPC's.

    There is a community extension you might be interested in, not sure its specifics, but its called "effects on items/NPCs..." You can find it and many other useful things linked here;

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    You could also make a new character as the boss/mini-boss (or whatever) and then take the ownership as the GM (such that your players do not see your created NPC) Then you have the same possibilities for your NPCs as for PCs and then you do not have to change the data of your NPC manually, especially an inventar for your items (but the attacks etc with that NPC are like with PCs of course)

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    Good ideas. Thanks. But for creating a whole cult I need to create mobs too. Well I check all the monsters later. Maybe I can find one to "copy" and "edit".

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    Which ruleset are you using?

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    I'm using 5e right now. I would maybe switch to pathfinder 2 when they release it..

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    Try using Engineer Suite - it might be right up your street.

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