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    "Dungeon Blocks" Tokens

    I've created a set of free FG tokens that I also find helpful in PnP D&D.

    They can be downloaded at: https://www.computerdinker.com/Fanta...nBlocks v1.zip

    Here is an example of the gray blocks:


    I've excerpted bits of the ReadMe file below


    Besides minis and a mega-battle mat, the other major staple for our PnP D&D group, is a box of painted gray and black cubes (1 inch on a side) affectionately called "Dungeon Blocks".

    We use them mostly for walls and doors, but they've been used to represent, caverns, trees, mounts, flying minis, rubble, crates, tables, etc, and even huge or gargantuan sized monsters when there is no suitable mini.

    These tokens will give you the same flexibility in Fantasy Grounds. In this pack you should find 4 different shapes in an assortment of colors.

    Tones & Colors:

    Classic Block (Cube)
    Door (Half Cube)
    4 Blocks in a row
    3 Blocks in a row
    2 Blocks in a row

    Extract the contents to the Tokens/host folder.


    Drag the "DungeonBlocks" folder from the archive to the Tokens/host folder.

    1) To keep down the clutter of minis in the Fantasy Grounds mini box, you may just want to install only the Black & Gray subfolders - these two colors should accommodate 99% of your needs

    2) An alternate way to re-organize the Dungeon Blocks would be by shape instead of by color.

    3) I put the gray cube, black cube and gray door into my hot keys for immediate access to the Dungeon Blocks I use most often.

    4) If you don't want to spend the time in-game placing individual blocks, you can pre build the rooms. Or you can prebuild the room and take a screen shot and just used the resulting (cropped) screen shot for a map. Here is the general process

    a Create a New Map
    b Draw out a grid (50)
    c Plunk down a dungeon block and Lock token scale
    d add more Dungeon Blocks to quickly define a building,
    cave or whatever.
    e Resize drawing as needed to expand it.
    f Turn off the grid.
    g Take a Screen shot and crop and save image for a new

    1.2 a) Added lengths of 2, 3 and 4 blocks (thanks
    for the suggestion Scout762).

    1.1 a) removed ampersands & spaces from sub folders -
    this was preving maps from reloading and finding the
    b) Grouped blocks in subfolders strictly by color.
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    Here is a screenshot:

    FYI - minis are from 4 ugly Monsters!
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    Very handy token set. Can create maps on the fly, as opposed to just with the FG pencil, which has its own special limitations .



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    I was thinking of this kinda thing a while ago, but not walls and stuff. More like tables, chairs, doors, etc. Stuff that inside a room could be moved about and thus you could move the token. I also thought of doing things like broken chairs...so if a chair got broken, you replace the chair token with the broken chair token.....etc.
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    I think you could use some Dundjinni tokens, if you use that. Drop some of them into tokens folder and, in addition to maps themselves, you will have some dynamic content to place and move on the map.
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    Great job!

    Thanks Wheelman!

    These will greatly improve on my impromptu drawings...I believe "cave art" is the description my players used when I hand draw their last encounter.

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    Hey your welcome boasejm. Depending on what my player does tonight - there is a good chance I'll actually get to use them for the first time!
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    Great tokens...this is inspiring me to make some "dungeon floor" tokens. Imagine looking straight down on dwarvenforge pieces. I'll post a shot when I can figure out why my tokens aren't showing up...

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    I was actually working on something like this over at FUM, have about 10 pieces of a Dungeon Construction Set I was making, but then I realized something that makes these less usefull than first appears. You cannot lock or layer them. In other words, you cannot use tokens for players along with something like this (your 'wall' tokens seem like they would work though). You would keep picking up the wrong token and moving the dungeon around. ;-)
    Course by doing a screenshoot, and cropping it would resolve that I supposed. Still would be better if we could drop and lock tokens or place on a different level.....................devs!?!?!

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    Here's a screenshot of the tiles I'm working on...not as pretty as the ones above, but I think the idea is neat enough...

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